Green Business

How does AceTimeClocks help you go green?

As materials and energy rise in price, companies feel the heat and so does our planet. That's why we believe 'going green' isn't just necessary from a business perspective. It is also a social and environmental imperative for everyone, individuals and companies alike.
Our solutions help you conserve resources including energy, paper and water - while minimizing release of CO2 and chemical pollutants (think shipping and DVDs). Moreover, we conscientiously recycle, use only energy efficient equipment and rely on our own file transfer solutions to save paper, replace media and slash shipping.
Our operations have been guided by eco-friendly principles since our founding. Highlights include our commitment to recycling; the purchase of supplies and furniture made from recycled materials; and paperless office policies that have saved tonnes of reams of paper. Plus, we purify water onsite and provide re-usable water bottles - eliminating plastic bottled water and its negative impact.
To see the difference that solutions from AceTimeClocks can make to our planet, take a look at the information below. To learn what your carbon 'footprint' looks like, check out our Green Calculator

    Great Green Reasons to use employee management and employee scheduling solutions at AceTimeClocks:
  • Sending one email is energy equivalent to burning 3lbs of coal.
  • 17 Reams of paper equals one tree. Electronic data transfers help prevent deforestation.
  • The pulp and paper industry is the single largest consumer of water used in industrial activities. Every ream of paper saved conserves over 100 gallons of water.
  • Paper equals CO2. Creating paper is the third biggest cause of industrial greenhouse gas emission, after the chemical and steel industries.
  • CDs and DVDs equal CO2. Lots of it! Three pounds of CO2 are released for every CD and DVD manufactured.
  • CDs and DVDs do not biodegrade. More than billion CDs and DVDs are expected to end up in landfills in the next five years.
  • Every time you ship, the environment pays! Shipping one package 200 miles releases 130lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.