Reseller and Affiliate Programs

We're excited about your interest in becoming a reseller or affiliate! This page will help you understand the program and evaluate whether it's a good fit for your business.
Reseller program is available for all hardware equipments only. Affiliate program is available for both hardware and software. You can become either reseller or affilate for hardware equipments and affiliate for our software as subscrpition services.
If you are a business providing your customers with security and employee time management solutions, you can make considerable amount of money from our reseller and affiliate programs.
Reseller program:
For all reseller accounts, the discounts are given upfront on sale of merchandise itself. All reseller accounts are subject to terms and conditions applicable to non-reseller customer accounts. The inventory of hardware is purchased and owned by reseller.
Affiliate program:
For affiliate programs, the commissions are given after 30 days of the date of sale. You can become affiliate by either driving potential customers to our website or referring your customers to us. When your affiliate account is created, we will provide you with your account specific URL. You will be able to check your monthly sale using your affilate account. Accrued commisions are sent end of each calendar month.

Ready to get started? Click here to download reseller/affiliate program account creation form.